Programming Trigger's PC (LEGIT Gen 3 PokeBank/ItemBank and Save Manager Tool)

I play Gen 3 alot and I decided hoarding Pokemon and items was a pain when storage space was so limited, that and trading takes forever. So I created a PokeBank-like program for hoarding, trading, and managing Pokemon, Items, Pokeblocks, Mail, and Decorations.

Trigger's PC is a tool designed for legit purposes. There really aren't enough tools for legit-play out there sadly. However, note it does extend some of the boundaries of the game to increase replayability and customization.

Image Album | Video of Evolution Scene

News: Release v1.0.1.1 is Here! (7/18/16 8:05PM)

Please read the following documentation before using Trigger's PC:

Known Bugs:
  • None.
v1.0.1.1 Release Changelog (7/18/16 8:05PM):
  • Fixed Gender Bytes for 87.5% Male, 12.5% Female Pokemon. About 2% of the Pokemon with this ratio were showing up as female when they should have been male.
  • Added Open Learnset in Bulbapedia to the Dropdown in the Pokemon General Tab.
  • Inserting and Duplicating a box in Manage Your PC Window now scrolls the new box into view.
  • Colosseum and XD items can no longer be sent to any other game types besides Your PC. (Again)
  • Mail items can no longer be sent to Colosseum and XD.
  • Added Recalculate Stats button to Pokemon settings to facilitate the "Box Trick".
  • Fixed Pokemon gaining experience past level 100 in the GBA daycares. To correct the extra experience either load the game with the Pokemon anywhere other than a GBA Party in Trigger's PC or use the new Recalculate Stats button. (Pokemon affected by this bug will have a blue to white gradient in their experience bar.)
  • Added Event to obtain the unobtainable Enigma Berry. You must have beaten the Elite Four and have the first 40 berries in your game. If achievements ever come out this will be replaced with one.
  • Sacred Ash moved from In-Battle Items to Other Items Pocket in Your PC after the discovery that it, in fact, cannot be used in battles.
  • Added Open in Bulbapedia Button to the item summary in the Items tab.
v1.0.1.0 Release Changelog (7/16/16 2:30PM):
  • Fixed Mail item sorting not sorting them entirely in alphabetical order. (Shadow Mail was in front of Retro Mail)
  • Open Pokemon in Bulbapedia button is now a dropdown that also has the option to Open in Smogon.
  • Open Ability in Bulbapedia button does not show for Pokemon with "No Ability".
  • Any event that gives an item or decoration will now navigate to the decoration after activating.
  • Added events to XD for the 2 glitched Battle CDs. Battle CD 14 and 15 are no longer obtainable after the Lucky Egg quest so this is a workaround for that.
  • Evolution window now always shows the Pokemon's nickname in the message even when it doesn't have one.
  • Can no longer delete a box in the Manage Your PC window when there's only one left.
  • Fixed Your PC boxes' internal numbers not updating correctly if they had a custom name.
  • Inserting Box now correctly highlights the new box.
  • Added Duplicate Box option. Duplicates the wallpaper and name if it has one.
v1.0.0.0 Release Changelog (7/13/16 1:00PM):
  • Added Ctrl+Box and Ctrl+X to the Controls window.
  • White tint on selected Pokemon no longer draws over the egg in the corner when Show Egg Species is enabled.
v1.4.6.2 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (7/11/16 7:05PM):
  • Can no longer cause Pokemon to be force dropped into invalid containers.
  • Can no longer cause Pokemon being force dropped into the daycare to overwrite the Pokemon in that slot.
  • Fixed Summary Mode active in later boxes.
  • Fixed a certain action that wouldn't refrush the Pokemon Boxes UI.
  • Added Ctrl clicking on the box name. This now highlights or unhighlights all Pokemon in the box and can be stacked with multiple Boxes.
  • Added Ctrl+X to have the same feature as ctrl clicking on a box name.
  • Added right click Cancel Pickup for boxes so that you can cancel picking up a Pokemon or selection. This way if you're holding a selection that's too large to place anywhere, there is a logical way to cancel the pickup.
  • Fixed crash caused by trying to Goto to an item/decoration that was no longer available but still in the search results.
  • Checks for Mirage Island, Egg Shininess, and Pokerus now properly also check Pokemon in Your PC.
  • Spinda's Spots now correctly draw on non GBA/Your PC games.
  • Fixed Send Currency window always sending PokeDollars if you right clicked on the button.
v1.4.6.1 Beta Changelog (7/11/16 11:30AM):
  • Fixed Heracross and Azurill not having their second abilities listed.
  • Pokemon now display as having "No Ability" when they have no ability ingame. (Note: this is not normally applicable except for hacked Pokemon and previous event Jirachis and Celebis from Trigger's PC)
v1.4.6.0 Beta Changelog (7/10/16 8:45PM):
  • Added Take all items to the Box menu.
  • Fixed taking items from Pokemon in Pokemon Box causing a crash.
  • Added quick access keys for moving Pokemon. Z = Unsect All, X = Select All, C = Pickup All, V = Place all in first available slot.
  • Can now view Pokemon, Ability, or Moves on Bulbapedia by pressing the Bulbapedia button available in the general tab for Pokemon, Info tab for Abilities, and the description box for moves.
v1.4.5.5 Beta Changelog (7/9/16 3:00PM):
  • Fixed Trigger's PC sometimes thinking a Pokemon was holding an unknown item when moving a selection to a different game.
  • Unknown Items cannot be sent or taken from Pokemon due to them not knowing their correct pocket.
  • Fixed glitch that would duplicate Pokemon when moving them to a game with a different pokemon format then selecting more Pokemon and picking them up.
  • Made sure the Purifier starts hidden on the manage boxes window.
  • Inserting a box now updates the boxes to the correct box number.
  • Editing a box wallpaper in the manage Boxes Window now correctly updates the wallpaper.
  • The Remove Row button is now properly enabled when you add second row.
  • Each Game Row now tries to remember which game and Your PC row it was on.
  • Fixed Move Arrows for Rows being incorrect after deleting a Row.
  • Can now sort Pokemon Search Results by Type, and Hidden Power Type. (Search by Type sorts based on the higher priority type of the possible 2 types of a Pokemon.)
  • Search Windows that don't steal focus do not prevent the "File Modified Outside Trigger's PC" warning from appearing.
v1.4.5.4 Beta Changelog (7/7/16 3:05PM):
  • Unknown Items are now properly handled without error in Trigger's PC. This means any ROMhack that originally couldn't work before due to custom items now should.
  • Unknown Items cannot be sent or taken from Pokemon due to them not knowing their correct pocket.
  • Trigger's PC will warn you when moving a Pokemon holding an unknown to another game. It does not outright prevent you in case you want to move it to another game where the item is valid.
v1.4.5.3 Beta Changelog (7/6/16 3:15PM):
  • All the issues with setting your gender in RSE have (most likley) been resolved. Now you will have the correct Mom and Neighbors and there won't be a doll in your bedroom. To fix this if you have already switched genders, just switch back and forth to resolve the issue.
  • Removed the warning about switching genders in RSE.
  • Fixed anything searching/counting all Pokemon in a game not including your party. This would have effected renaming a trainer as well, if this has happened to you just rename your trainer again as it only compares the IDs and not the name/gender. (This bug has only been present since so if you did this previously you'll be fine.)
  • Hid the "View in Pokedex" button that's been here since the beginning and never done anything.
  • Added setting to Wipe Ribbons and another to wipe Condition.
v1.4.5.2 (Hotfix) Beta Changelog (7/5/16 2:00PM):
  • Fixed Pokemon being poisoned if moved directly from Your PC to your party after loading. Goodbye my favorite bug. :(
  • The shadow Pokemon slots in the purifier now actually save the changes made to them.
  • Heracross is now properly listed as Bug/Fighting instead of Bug/Flying.
v1.4.5.1 Beta Changelog (7/4/16 12:30PM):
  • Can now withdraw Pokemon from the Daycare and choose to cancel the new moves it has learned.
  • Trigger's PC now warns you about changing your gender and the effects it has in RSE.
v1.4.5.0 Beta Changelog (7/3/16 3:55PM):
  • XD Purifier is now supported. You can view it the same way you view your party or daycare.
  • This also means Pokemon in the purifier are now affected by the trainer rename as well as Pokemon Searching.
  • Added a setting to "fix" e-Reader Shadow Pokemon from Colosseum. Because these Pokemon are never randomized and have flat 0 IVs this will randomize most of the Pokemon so that each one can be unique.
  • Buttons in the Settings B window for Pokemon now have tooltips going further in depth to explain the function of the button.
  • Pokemon Search location tooltip is now more specific and tells which daycare the Pokemon is in and the row of Your PC it's in.
  • Invalid Pokemon will now keep a backup of themselves and save that instead of saving the default invalid Pokemon.
  • Added more checking for changing pokemon or trainer names so that any name change in Colosseum or XD will properly conform to the GBA character table.
  • Fixed a crash in the About Window.
v1.4.4.0 Beta Changelog (7/2/16 8:00PM):
  • The 3-Reader Shadow Pokemon in Colosseum now know their Starting Heart Gauge and thus the purification bar draws correctly.
  • The control window now appears on Startup if it is your first time running Trigger's PC. AKA there is no YourPC.trigspc or Settings.xml file.
  • Improved secret feature and made it more common.
  • Fixed plurality for Pokerus and Shiny Egg Check messages.
  • Releasing a Pokemon will now send its held item to Your PC.
  • Set your clock to April 1st for a fun surprise.
  • Fixed a crash when right clicking to view the summary of a Pokemon in the party of the 2nd or 3rd row that hasn't changed what was loaded since starting up the tool.
v1.4.3.3 Beta Changelog (7/1/16 2:55PM):
  • Can now use the Send To feature from the Pokemon Search Results window.
  • Added a secret fun little feature into Trigger's PC.
  • Changing the Pokemon in any of the GBA Double-Daycares will now cancel the egg that the daycare man has. No more breeding Groudons...
  • Fixed a bug where FRLG games wouldn't know the experience gained for Double Daycare Pokemon.
  • 3rd Daycare slot in FRLG is now colored differently so you know it's from the single daycare.
  • Can no longer put Eggs in the Daycare.
  • Can no longer give items to eggs when using the Inventory's give item feature.
  • Removed the give item right click menu option on Pokemon because it's outdated.
  • Fixed a crash when you clicked on a move slot when the summary panel didn't have a Pokemon loaded.
  • Fixed bug and crash caused by picking up a pokemon, then switching it, and then causing it to force drop. Before the Pokemon didn't know where to be placed and would cause an error.
  • Picked up Pokemon will now be placed where the first Pokemon was picked up in the switch chain, if the game cannot contain the new picked up Pokemon then it will attempt to place it in the same game it was stored in if needed.
  • Now if you try to pickup an Egg or Shadow Pokemon, Trigger's PC checks if you can safely force drop it when neciassary if you can't, it tells you you can't switch.
v1.4.3.2 Beta Changelog (6/30/16 1:45PM):
  • Forgot to switch to release mode with previous version. Here is the real update.
v1.4.3.1 Beta Changelog (6/30/16 1:15PM):
  • XD now lists it's snagged and purified Pokemon in the Pokedex.
  • Removed the Send Box to Your PC feature as it was outdated with the new rows system.
  • Sending multiple Pokeblocks now tells you if the space filled up before it could send them all.
  • Fixed issues where items could dissapear when giving them to a Pokemon from the inventory viewer.
  • Fixed a crash when not having an item selected. Right clicking, and dragging over a list view item.
  • Fixed a crash where you had to cause an item to be removed from the list then right click when starting the clicking from outside the list and ending on a list view item.
v1.4.3.0 Beta Changelog (6/29/16 5:30PM):
  • Can now search for Items and Decorations in the Search Menu.
  • Pokedex now has more listing options including Missing Owned, Missing Seen, and Missing Living.
  • Pokedex now properly knows if a GBA game has the National Dex.
  • Pokedex now remembers listing type when changing games.
  • Can no longer select Seen Pokemon in the Pokedex for Your PC.
  • Fixed a type in the Strategy Memo of "Registered" being spelled "Registed".
  • Games now load faster when viewing them in Trigger's PC.
  • You can now hover over a save in the Save Manager to see its filepath.
  • Filepaths for saves are no longer set to all lowercase.
  • Added Japanese Game Checkbox to Select Game Type window to make it easier to notice.
  • Fixed a few more message boxes that didn't allow you to see the full error.
  • Added Setting to Keep Missing Save Files. Now if a save is missing, the game will not notify you and instead hide it at the end of the list where it will still be saved with the other save files in Settings.xml.
  • Switched a few list views to single selection only instead of extended selection.
v1.4.2.0 Beta Changelog (6/29/16 10:55AM):
  • Can now search by a Pokémon's family. AKA Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur.
  • Japanese names in mail are now recognized.
  • Strategy Memo now tells you snagged and purified Pokemon for Colosseum games. Thanks Sonic Blader for supplying the saves!
  • The Pokedex Tab is no longer left when switching to Colosseum and XD games.
  • Data ROM and Elevator Key in Colosseam and XD now are the same item when adding to collection.
  • Trigger's PC now supports newer save files that have not saved enough times to fill every save slot.
  • Now you can use Pokemon with the same personality in a secret base assuming they are not from the same family. This includes Ninjask and Shedinja.
  • Secret Bases in Your PC no longer claim you need a team when trying to edit the trainer.
  • Games are no longer flagged as modified when you open the Secret Base Editor but make no changes.
v1.4.1.0 Beta Changelog (6/27/16 7:35PM):
  • You can now set startup and reload defaults in the settings menu.
  • Added results count to the Pokemon search results window.
  • Added GitHub link to the About Window.
  • Pokedex now properly updates again without having to reload the current game.
  • Most likely permanently silenced the highlight index error that continually kept occurring.
  • Fixed a crash when using select all while holding a selection.
v1.4.0.3 Beta Changelog (6/26/16 2:55PM):
  • Editing a non-player secret base now shows decorations from all games except ones in use in a player's secret base.
  • Added an Event for the opposite Bike in RSE.
  • Can no longer save strains of Pokerus from Pokemon that have been cured.
v1.4.0.2 (Hotfix) Beta Changelog (6/26/16 10:50AM):
  • Fixed add button for Your PC's secret bases.
  • Minor improvements to UI when adding a secret base. Should now automatically have it selected.
v1.4.0.1 (Hotfix) Beta Changelog (6/25/16 5:25PM):
  • Improved Numeric Up Down text box to not be so finicky when you're editing text. It will still automatically cap the max but it won't do the same if you are under the minimum.
  • Fixed a crash when right clicking an empty space in a Pokemon Box.
v1.4.0.0 Beta Changelog (6/25/16 4:25PM):
  • Can now Manage and edit secret bases stored in your game.
  • You can send secret bases to other games as well as store them in Your PC.
  • Editing Secret Bases that are not the player's requires decorations to be stored in Your PC.
  • Added Pokerus checks to the Search Menu. This includes a startup check.
  • If Pokerus is found in a Pokerus check it will be added to your collection in Your PC where you can use it to infect other Pokemon. There's 15 strains in total. Gotta catch 'em all!
  • Can now search for a Pokemon's gender.
  • Added "EV Training" feature. Now any Pokemon at or near level 100 can be leveled down to a minimum of level 95 to continue their EV Training.
  • Added support for 136kb GBA save files. (Mainly for a specific physical device that one of Trigger's PC's users has that adds 8 extra kilobytes of 0xFF to the end of the file)
  • Overhauled the Item Count window to be similar to the Advanced Selection window. Now comes with an "All" checkbox.
  • Minor Improvements to Send Selection Window for when in use during withdraw/deposite and toss.
  • Give Item window now properly starts on the game of the Pokemon you're giving an item to.
  • Give Item window now defaults to Items Pocket over PC.
  • Can now finally edit Pokemon Box R&S Boxes' wallpapers and names.
  • Thanks to Dolphin 5.0 finally supporting Pokemon Box. I was able to create the special wallpapers for Pokemon Box. You can also select them for Your PC boxes now.
  • Fixed the item disappearance bug for the Item PC in Colosseum and XD.
  • Most likely fixed the final instance of a highlighted Pokemon causing a crash after moving it.
  • Can no longer use most right click menu items for Pokemon in the Daycare for safety reasons.
  • Decorations in your bedroom no longer dissapear in game after saving. To remove the affected decorations just use the Put Away feature in Trigger's PC for everything with a blue Pokeball next to it. This issue has been here since the beginning so any game ever saved with Trigger's PC will be affected.
  • Fixed the move Eruption having 150 accuracy like its power instead of 100.
  • ixed a lot of text being editable that shouldn't be.
v1.3.3.7 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/22/16 7:55PM):
  • Fixed all abilities being labeled as Unknown.
v1.3.3.6 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/22/16 5:50PM):
  • Fixed items disappearing if there was an empty space between them in the inventory data structure. This may have affected decorations, mail, and other sources. Sorry about this everyone. This bug has been here since the beginning and you may have lost quite a few items from it.
v1.3.3.5 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/20/16 1:25PM):
  • Fixed startup crashes caused by computers with certain cultures causing text comparisons for the databases to fail.
v1.3.3.4 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/20/16 10:35AM):
  • Removed some local debug code causing a crash on startup.
v1.3.3.3 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/19/16 2:15PM):
  • Fixed items dissapearing or working incorrectly when trying to deposite TMs or Berries.
  • Saving is now a heavily saftey checked process and you can now copy errors when they occur. Preparations are made first. Backups are made second. Games' directories are checked for saving third. Your PC is saved fourth. And finally games are saved fifth. Error messages can pop up at each step of the way to let you know what has occured and you can choose to continue or cancel the save process from there. Let me know if there are any problems with the new saving process.
  • Backups are now saved as their original file name with (#) after duplicate file names.
  • Saving no longer saves twice when clicking the save button.
v1.3.3.2 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/18/16 11:25AM):
  • Possibly fixed a crash with the Goto Feature in the Search Results window.
v1.3.3.1 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/17/16 11:45PM):
  • Fixed a crash caused from trying to highlight an invalid Pokemon after using Goto from Search Results and moving the Pokemon.
  • SecretBaseDatabase.db is now a new required file. (From progress on Secret Bases update)
v1.3.3.0 Beta Changelog (6/16/16 12:20PM):
  • Added Items Pocket Groups to Your PC to ease managing the large amount of items that exist in the game.
  • Added Item sorting to for the Item and Ball pockets.
  • Your PC comes with an auto-sort option for your Items and Ball Pockets.
  • Search Window now show's Eggs as their species with an egg on the side.
  • Pokemon first encountered Shiny in Colosseum and XD will show as such in the Pokedex Tab.
  • Unown's first seen letter is now shown in the Pokedex Tab.
  • Unown and Spinda first encounter personalities are now set for GBA games. (If they weren't set by Trigger's PC before they will be set the next time you place a pokemon of that species in any spot in that game.)
  • Startup Checks actually do something now and remember their setting.
  • Eggs are no longer counted towards the living dex and no longer set that you have owned a Pokemon.
  • Games are now properly marked as changed if you decline to reload when changes have been made outside the program. This way there should never be any conflicts in the end if you don't reload.
  • Reload Changed games window now warns you about reloading when you've made changes to games after running them.
  • Teach Machine now properly starts on the TMs & HMs pocket when choosing another game.
  • Colored Shards no longer show as having a price of $3000.
v1.3.2.3 Beta Changelog (6/13/16 11:35AM):
  • A Toggle-able option now exists to show Eggs Species in the Box in the Settings Menu. You can also set it as an option for Rows in Your PC.
  • Now clicking anywhere in a pokemon box will clear the selection.
v1.3.2.2 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/12/16 10:05PM):
  • HMs are no longer consumed when taught to Pokemon. If you have been affected by this bug and consumed an HM in your game just lemme know and I can either write a feature to correct it or correct it for your save specifically.
v1.3.2.1 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/12/16 2:10PM):
  • Fixed a bug where saving would fail if you had turned off make backups in a previous version.
  • Renamed Rearange Moves to Manage Moves because you can also delete them.
v1.3.2.0 Beta Changelog (6/12/16 12:20PM):
  • Can now scan for eggs that will be shiny when hatched from one of your listed games.
  • Can now check Mirage Island and Shiny Eggs on startup with a setting in Search.
  • Added Mystery Eggs feature. Now you can hide information about eggs if you feel like that is illegitimate.
  • Added setting to always save all saves when saving changes.
  • Checking for Mirage Island Pokemon now properly checks all of your other rows in Your PC.
  • Pokemon ready to be purified in Colosseum are now correctly identified as Shadow Pokemon.
  • Make backups now properly makes backups even when a save hasn't been changed.
  • A backup of YourPC is now also made on saving.
  • Eggs No longer show the ball they were caught with since it seems silly.
  • Manage Your PC is now enabled no matter what game you're on.
v1.3.1.1 Beta Changelog (6/11/16 11:35AM):
  • Can now search for shiny and shadow Pokemon.
  • You can now obtain all 3 Regi Dolls per game. Each one requires the next badge to obtain. (Heat, Balance, Feather)
  • Change sprite color of Balance Badge.
  • Slightly decreased bugginess of Evolution Window. Now when a Pokemon cry decides not to play there's a 2 second span where it will wait before evolving anyway.
  • Searching for all values in a stat now should return results when they exist.
  • Send Item Selection window no longer sends any item type to the items pocket.
  • Select Item window now longer shows counts for important items.
  • Goto selection is properly hidden permanently after clicking on a Pokemon now.
v1.3.1.0 Beta Changelog (6/10/16 6:20PM):
  • Added the 3 Regi Dolls to the Event Distribution section for RSE. You may only obtain one per game.
  • The Trainer Info tab now includes settings for Altering cave in E/FRLG and rebattling Steven in Emerald.
  • You can now see your badges on the Trainer Info tab.
  • Trigger's PC now correctly knows if you've used the old sea map. AND correctly sets if you've used it.
v1.3.0.1 Beta Changelog (6/10/16 1:05PM):
  • Fixed change nickname only working on Eggs.
  • Jirachi Event is now based off of Colosseum Bonus Disc. (You can still use the actual disc since I don't know how to detect if it's been used.)
  • Celebi now has an ID that does not match any notable event Trainer ID and has a Trainer Name of TIMEFLT that also does not match any event Trainer Name.
v1.3.0.0 Beta Changelog (6/9/16 5:35PM):
  • Added Event Distribution. You can now activate all tickets in the GBA games after you have defeated the Elite Four. You can also receive Jirachi in RSE and Celebi in FRLG. There's an annoying issue with Event Distribution at the moment where it's very anticlimactic so be prepared for that.
  • Now properly searches for a Pokemon by Species. Before I was using index number instead of dex id.
  • Fixed Goto Pokemon from a Search Results window not recognizing if a Pokemon was on a diferent row in Your PC.
  • Fixed selector for Goto Pokemon not dissapering when it should.
  • Fixed Substitute having an unknown contest type.
  • Deposite/Withdraw and Deposite All/Withdraw All for single items now tells you when there's no room.
v1.2.9.0 Beta Changelog (6/8/16 2:40PM):
  • Added Level Down feature for Pokemon. If a Pokemon is unable to breed (AKA Ditto, Unown, and Legendaries) and it's level is above Lv 5. You can level it down to Lv 5 and it's moves will be wiped and replaced with moves it would know at this level. This feature is intended for people who want to use these Pokemon from the start of their playthrough.
  • Added Round EVs Setting. Explanation: Because EVs are divided by four and rounded down. Any EV past 252 to the maximum of 255 is useless because it will never have any effect. Round EVs will take any EV above 252 and set it down to 252 freeing up a few extra EV points for those serious about getting that extra stat point in.
  • Added Ditto Only Egg Group.
  • Added second Pokemon settings page. Settings pages are now separated by buttons on the right of the settings tab.
  • Can now sort by Friendship, Hatch Counter, and Hidden Power Damage.
  • Added Search for Include/Exclude/Only Eggs.
  • Can now search for Egg Hatch Counter values.
  • Can now longer move shadow Pokemon to different games using the new Pokebox Row System.
  • Can no longer move Eggs to Colosseum or XD using the new Pokebox Row System.
  • Can no longer place selections in the party.
  • Placing a selection in a game will no longer overflow into the party section.
  • Fixed Change Markings window not showing the current markings before hovering over them.
  • Refining and Adding to Search Results now checks to make sure a pokemon is updated even if moved to another game.
  • In the Search Window, Hatch Counter is no longer refered to as friendship by eggs. Instead their friendship is set at the base 70.
  • Properly capped or uncapped certain values for the search window.
v1.2.8.2 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/7/16 9:45PM):
  • Fixed a crash caused by invalid XD shadow Pokemon.
v1.2.8.1 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/7/16 9:45PM):
  • Fixed a crash caused from debug code in the previous version.
  • Fixed search results window as well as Pokemon Viewer losing track of Pokemon and having a Pokemon that edited changes wont be saved to.
  • Fix Pokemon being (Moving) forever in the Search Results Window.
  • Shedinja's Stats are now properly recalculated upon appearing after an evolution.
  • Fixed slight offset of Shadow Pokemon Tint in the search results window making Shadow Pokemon look fuzzy-ish.
  • You can now edit Pokemon in the Search Results Pokemon Viewer Again.
v1.2.8.0 Beta Changelog (6/7/16 7:55PM):
  • Added Daycare support for all games.
  • Can now sort your search results.
  • Added searching for Ribbons and Pokemon Type.
  • Can now search for a Pokemon holding any item instead of a specific one.
  • Take Item now sends the item to your bag by default. If there's no room it will ask if you want to send it to Your PC, your Game's PC, or cancel taking the item.
v1.2.7.1 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/7/16 9:50AM):
  • Colosseum and XD Stats/IVs/EVs are now correct. Pokemon transfered to another game from Colosseum or XD would have had their Speed, SpAttack and SpDefense EVs and IVs incorrectly swapped. It's recommended you trade Pokemon back to their original game before using the new version in order to correct the issue.
  • Spinda's Bottom left spot is no longer square.
  • Editing a trainer now effects every row of Pokemon in Your PC.
  • Pokedex now checks for living Pokemon on every row in Your PC.
  • Added Ability to rearange Your PC rows in the list.
v1.2.7.0 Beta Changelog (6/6/16 4:45PM):
  • Pokemon Searching! An enxtensive search tool with tons of options has been added! Note, the sorting feature has not been implemented yet.
  • Added Mirage Island Check! Note: You have to have played your game since its internal clock hit midnight otherwise the Mirage Island value won't be correct.
  • Added Egg Groups to the information about Pokemon in the Pokemon Viewer.
  • The Experience stored for XD Shadow Pokemon is now displayed.
  • Health, PP, and Status Condition are now restored when depositing a Pokemon in a box. (This does not apply when trading from one PC to another just like in the real game.
  • Entering Summary Mode now automatically shows the Pokemon you're currently hovering over.
  • Fixed the Small Pokemon Viewers Shadow Pokemon tint being offset incorrectly.
  • Renamed the Saves filemenu to Games.
v1.2.6.0 Beta Changelog (6/4/16 6:50PM):
  • Can now see the totals for a Pokemon's stats
  • Can now view contest stats of moves when in Move Rearanger, Move Relearner, or Learn Move windows.
  • Added the setting to fix roaming IVs. See Bulbapedia for more details.
  • The Experience stored for XD Shadow Pokemon is now displayed.
  • Added Summary Mode for Pokemon Box Viewing: In summary mode, when you hover over a Pokemon it will load that pokemon in the viewer. It will unload the viewer when you hover over a blank space. Press T to toggle this mode or hold left shift to temporarily activate it.
  • Can now award Effort Ribbons to deserving Pokemon.
  • Finally "analyzed" all of the DNA samples from Colosseum and gave them the proper information in the item database.
  • The count for stored Pokemon now counts ever row in Your PC.
  • Probably fixed a crash when reloading game saves. (can't seem to reproduce the bug)
  • Fixed Drop down for games on secondary box rows losing games even when not selected.
  • Can no longer teach moves to Shadow Pokemon or Eggs.
  • Fixed the R key not always working to activate Pickup Mode.
  • Holding down R no longer spam-toggles Pickup Mode.
  • Changed a few list views from multiple to single selection when they should have been all along.
  • Colosseum and XD now show '---' for their play time. I've given up on reading the play time for the most part as it's just stored in too strange a format.
v1.2.5.2 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/4/16 8:05AM):
  • Removed some debug code that prevented the previous hotfix from working.
v1.2.5.1 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/3/16 11:00PM):
  • The Decoration and Item Inventory tabs now remember which tab you were on when switching games. (Note: When switching from Your PC to another game and on the Items tab, the program purposely switches to PC since it's more likely to have the items you're looking for)
  • The strategy memo on XD and Colosseum is no longer corrupted on saving and is now properly read and updated.
  • Fixed Unown '!' and '?' being the opposite of what they should be.
  • Fixed the Aurora Ticket image being larger than others and offsetting the text in the item viewer.
  • Fixed TMs and HMs not showing up for Trigger's PC when trying to teach an HM or TM
  • Changed the title of the relearn move window to Move Relearner. Before it was Learn Move.
v1.2.5.0 Beta Changelog (6/3/16 6:05PM):
  • Can now use the move relearner for all Pokemon.
  • Can now teach Pokemon TMs and HMs
  • Pokemon now learn any moves at their current level after evolving.
  • Added Hugues Ross to the credits for parsing the Gen III Pokemon learnsets from Bulbupedia.
  • Fixed Pokemon Viewer not refreshing when needed sometimes.
  • Please report any issues with the learnsets of Pokemon. The parsing of the learnsets may not have been 100% accurate.
v1.2.4.0 Beta Changelog (6/3/16 1:00PM):
  • Can now multiselect items, decorations, and Pokeblocks and send them all. Also comes with a special dialog to decide how to split up how much to send. Use shift and ctrl to multi select.
  • Added instructions on multi selecting in the inventory to the Controls Window.
  • Can now disable the lock on not having two of the same Pokebox Rows. Goto Settings > Pokebox Rows > Duplicate Box Rows.
  • Pokeblocks now order their flavors in the Pokeblock list based on their intensity. The first one has the most flavor. The last one has the least.
  • The Cologne Case from Colosseum and XD Item is now considered one item (Before they were separate items due to different item IDs), when adding to your Collection.
  • Fixed XD-Specific items having their item ID's messed up upon saving. You should restore from your Backup of XD.
v1.2.3.2 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/2/16 10:25PM):
  • Fixed crash when selecting Kakuna caused by invalid Kakuna evolution data.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a game save.
  • Fixed Incorrect Wurmple evolution info.
  • Made pokemon placeholders for Living Dex easier to see and darker backgrounds.
  • Living Dex Mode can now be specified for all games Except Colosseum and XD.
v1.2.3.1 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (6/2/16 8:55PM):
  • Fixed some of the crashes caused by the new Pokemon box system.
  • Fixed issues with Managing your PC Rows.
  • Now remembers to load the custom Your PC trainer image on startup again.
  • Colosseum and XD games can no longer have their language changed to Japanese as they automatically detect their language now.
  • Sending money now marks the game changed flag.
  • Evolving a Pokemon now marks the gameChanged flag.
v1.2.3.0 Beta Changelog (6/2/16 6:55PM):
  • Added multi-row creation to Your PC. You can now have multiple rows of Pokemon boxes and You can even create rows that support Living Dex functionality.
  • Added multi-row view to the Pokemon Tab. Now you can easily move Pokemon between games without the send to dialog.
  • New save format for Your PC. Now stores in one single file called YourPC.trigspc
  • Shedinja now properly appears when you evolve Ninjask. And you get a cool lore-friendly message.
  • Fixed games not being marked as changed after moving Pokemon from the game to a different game. This caused Pokemon to be duplicated when saving and reloading.
  • Fixed Pokemon transfered to Colosseum and XD not being valid when loaded up in the game.
v1.2.2.0 Beta Changelog (6/1/16 1:55PM):
  • Added custom wallpaper support. Place any png image in Resources/Wallpapers/ (Note the name must be less than or equal to 30 characters excluding the extension)
  • Can now rename and change the gender of a game save's trainer. Will effect every Pokemon's OT Trainer caught by that trainer.
  • Can now evolve all other types of evolutions assuming the Pokemon is able to evolve.
  • Added a count to the number of Pokemon in the PC shown in the Pokemon Tab.
  • The Edit Trainer menu item icon now changes with what game is selected. Because, why not?
  • Deoxys' form is now remembered when set in Your PC.
  • Spinda no longer always draws the shiny sprite in the Pokemon viewer.
  • Berry Numbers no longer disappear when the item count in the inventory viewer is changed.
  • Replacing a Ball now actually consumes it like it said it should.
  • Replace Ball Window now remembers the last game you were using it with like all the other windows.
  • Evolving now updates the Pokedex.
  • Pokedex now refreshes every time you load the tab so that it's up to date.
v1.2.1.0 Beta Changelog (5/31/16 8:20PM):
  • Added Spinda Spot drawing. (There's a very tiny delay when clicking on Spinda before it's summary shows up. If this takes longer than that on your system let me know.
  • Can now choose which sprites you want to use for each Pokemon. You can also supply custom sprites.
  • Added About window.
  • Added Your PC Trainer Customization. You may set your gender, name, and trainer sprite.
  • The Pokemon Cries folder should now be placed in Resources/Pokemon/
  • Fixed most instances of invalid "Pokemon Shadows" appearing in saves. Please report if you manage to find any more.
  • Fixed Unown not all having correct Gen VI Sprites.
  • Fixed a crash with moving Pokemon in your Party around.
  • Forgot to set PokeManager to muted by default. Let's be polite to a the users not expecting sounds.
  • The volume window shouldn't cause an error anymore when closing.
v1.2.0.0 Beta Changelog (5/30/16 7:25PM):
  • Pokemon Box saving. Gen 3 is fully supported now!
  • Added a credits window. (Took me long enough) Also added HaxAras to the credits for dedication to bug testing and suggestions.
  • Added the option to use Gen VI box sprites (Comes with shiny varients!)
  • Added some icons to the file menu items and windows.
  • Pressing the Pokemon Cry button now tells you about supplying cry files if you haven't done so already.
  • Shrunk the sizes of the GameCube discs that show in the save manager to leave some space between them.
  • The 4th move of a pokemon now has the correct PP Ups used. Any Pokemon that was transfered to any GameCube game including Pokemon Box (optionally, and back to another game) would have been permenantly affected. Every other Pokemon wouldn't have saved the difference and it only would have been visual.
  • (Fixed this time) Default wallpaper now shows for Pokemon box games using the new wallpapers.
  • Loading a corrupted game will now show a message box about the error and load Your PC instead to prevent a crash. It will not remove the save.
  • Pokemon Box saves no longer show [PKMNBOX] after the name. I guess it was kind of silly. They're now also labeled "Pokémon Box" now.
  • Made sure all of the popup windows would center on the main window and wouldn't have a taskbar icon.
v1.1.3.0 Beta Changelog (5/30/16 11:05AM):
  • Pokemon Box can now load selected wallpapers and box names.
  • Emerald's "Special" Wallpaper is now supported. It's just a default chosen image for now. I may never fully support it as it's quite complicated.
  • (Failed to implement) Default wallpaper now shows for Pokemon box games using the new wallpapers.
  • Fixed Pokemon Box Loading. It's recommended you remove your Pokemon moved from Pokemon box because some of the Pokemon were likely the have minor or major issues due to reading the Pokemon Box Save Incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Pokedex would crash when it found a Pokemon with an invalid Dex ID.
  • You can no longer evolve eggs.
  • Fixed sending a selection of Pokemon to Pokemon Box not placing them in the selected location.
  • Fixed Pokemon Box R&S Boxes saying "A A" and "B B" instead of "A" or "B".
v1.1.2.0 Beta Changelog (5/29/16 1:50PM):
  • Pokemon Box R&S support! No saving yet sadly. :( Also wallpapers and boxes don't have the customized names and just use a single generic format.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the message box causing an error when trying to tell you about an error.
  • Fixed Pokemon's name not updating after evolving.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a move in the move rearanging window.
  • Fixed Pokemon turning into Bad Eggs when evolving, deleting moves, or changing the ball they were caught in.
  • Trigger's PC now properly tells you when the file size of the game you're trying to load does not match any known game.
  • Send all to your PC can no longer be used in Your PC. Send all to PC now properly states the nickname of Your PC.
v1.1.1.1 Beta (Hotfix) Changelog (5/27/16 7:55PM):
  • Fixed XD Ribbons again.
v1.1.1.0 Beta Changelog (5/27/16 6:10PM):
  • Added Pokedex/Strategy Memo support. You can new view your Pokedex completion.
  • Added a snazzy splash screen.
  • Can now copy over important items (Key Items, HMs, Battle CDs) to "Your collection". Only one of each item can be added and they can be freely tossed from the Your PC since they're only copied over.
  • Items that don't show their count in game such as key items, and HMs no longer show their count in the Item Viewer.
  • Both Pokemon viewers now always show the Icon of the held item near the Pokemon's image. (No matter what page you're on)
  • Can now click on a Pokemon's personality in the Pokemon viewer to copy it.
  • Colosseum and XD now track their Strategy Memo. And Strategy Memo is labeled instead of Pokedex.
  • Added Multi selecting to the list in the controls window.
  • Can now trade Colosseum/XD Colognes between each games and Your PC. (Before you couldn't because they're technically different items IDs in each game)
  • Added more error checking when loading and saving games. Now the program shouldn't crash if it has trouble reading or saving. Instead it will just remove the save.
  • Fixed Incorrect Ribbons on XD Pokemon. It's recommended that you retrade them from a backup of XD.
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Points, Poke Coupons, and Volcanic Ash couldn't be sent from Your PC Trainer Viewer.
  • Fixed a Crash when using the save Manager.
  • Fixed Your PC not saving the owned Pokemon.
v1.1.0.0 Beta Changelog (5/26/16 11:50PM):
  • Can now load and save XD game saves.
  • Can no longer give XD and Colosseum items to Pokemon or send them to anything other than your PC or the same game type.
  • Colosseum now loads 64 TM slots instead of 16 and 46 Berry slots instead of 16.
  • Fixed an issue where Pokemon would be overwritten if force-dropped back into the party as the slot they were in would have been shifted.
v1.0.3.1 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (5/25/16 9:25PM):
  • Got rid of debug code that would cause a crash since it was trying to reference files on my filesystem.
v1.0.3.0 Beta Changelog (5/25/16 7:15PM):
  • Can now view mail and send it to other games. Writing mail will come later. (Trigger's PC comes with one piece of mail from me)
  • Added a bit more security checks for moving Pokemon incorrectly. You can no longer release your last Pokemon in your party. Also now that mail is added I realized it acts strangely when stored in the party and thus I cannot safely allow switching Pokemon or removing the mail from them unless done all at once.
  • Fixed a crash when using Item Evolve if you had no games added.
  • Two Pokeblocks will no longer get tossed when you only toss one.
v1.0.2.0 Beta Changelog (5/24/16 9:20PM):
  • You can now save Colosseum Games.
  • Added Multi-select moving. Control click on a Pokemon to add it to the selection. I'll probably add multi item movement soon as well.
  • Boxes now have a drop down menu when you click on their name. Includes edit box, select all, send all to Your PC, and release all.
  • Added an error reporting feature. When an unhandled exception occurs a message box will open allowing you to copy the details.
  • Colosseum games now should know their playtime. I'm still working on seeing if it's always accurate.
  • Pokemon from Colosseum have their location as Orre Region. This will be until I actually create the database for Colosseum met locations.
  • Removing a game save does not ask you to save it if changes have not been made.
  • Default Trigger's PC game name is now "Your PC". It's silly to imply it's my collection when the user owns it.
  • Dialog Windows for sending anything to other games all share a setting of the last game they were viewing. Now repeated sending of stuff should be easier.
  • Fixed an assortment of issues with data from Colosseum and GBA Pokemon being messed up when switching between platforms. You may want to retransfer them from your backups.
  • Did reworking with handling text and converting between English and Japanese. Colosseum games should play nicer with Japanese text.
  • Pokemon with met levels higher than 63 now correctly show their met level.
  • Switched Wallpaper names from RSE and FRLG to the correct lists.
v1.0.1.2 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (5/23/16 2:15PM):
  • Actually implemented the previous changelog. (Forgot to use the correct executable)
  • Slight tweak to the evolution scene growing and shrinking.
  • The changes made outside of Trigger's PC window will not open when in a dialog window.
  • Can now give and take items from Pokemon.
  • Can now open game save files in Explorer from the Save Manager.
v1.0.1.1 Beta Changelog (Hotfix) (5/23/16 10:40AM):
  • Removed the evolve menu item in the drop down on Pokemon. (That was not the actual evolution feature but a debug feature from before the evolutions were added to the database. It would incriment any pokemom's Dex ID by 1.)
  • Added Japanese support to Colosseum saves.
v1.0.1.0 Beta Changelog (5/22/16 10:00PM):
  • Evolve your pokemon! Any pokemon that evolves through trading (with or without an item) or with a stone may now be evolved in the program. You even get a snazzy evolution scene to watch.
  • Added support for Pokemon cries. If you place a folder called "Cries" containing wavs or mp3s of Pokemon cries labeled by their dex id in the "Resources/Audio" folder Trigger's PC will use them in evolution scenes if you have the program unmuted. You can also play the Pokemon's cry manually on the pokemon summary viewer.
  • Added volume and muting support. The game is muted by default so that people don't get an unexpected surprise.
  • Added Japanese support for GBA games and Pokemon. Games now have a Japanese Game checkbox that will allow the games to read the character encoding as Japanese characters.
  • Trigger's PC now detects if changes have been made to any of the loaded save files from outside the program. If this happens it will ask if you would like to reload everything and lose your saved changes (for legit purposes).
  • Trigger's PC now knows if changes have been made to any saves and will no longer ask to save even when changes have not been made. (Change detection is very picky and doing anything in the program that results in the same outcome as before will still mark the game as changed)
  • Fixed a crash when unmaximizing while in the Pokemon tab.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing (possibly only Japanese) Colosseum Pokemon.
  • Fixed Currency owned not displaying when first opening the send currency window when not in the Trigger's PC save.
  • Shadow Rush now displays instead of the purified move on shadow Pokemon.
  • Moves with no PP will now show "--" instead of 0 in the moves tab.
  • Deoxys' form now correctly updates when in Game Specific mode and moved to another game.
  • Fixed a few Pokemon name misspellings and gave Superpower the correct move info.
v1.0.0.0 Beta Features (5/20/16 9:30PM):
  • Save Load all Gen 3 GBA save files. (All files stay loaded in the tool at the same time, Colosseum is slightly supported but can't save and XD isn't supported at all, both will be implemented soon.)
  • Trade Pokemon, Items, Pokeblocks, and Decorations between games or hoard them in Trigger's PC.
  • Trade Currencies between games.
  • Change a Pokemon's nickname no matter who owns it.
  • Replace the ball that a pokemon was caught with. (Consumes the selected ball)
  • Browse your saves in a clear, quick, and easy to use interface.
  • Fully Wipe the EVs of a Pokemon if you don't like how they turned out. (Probably the most illegitimate feature if you consider it one.)
  • View ALL information about a Pokemon from Hidden Power to Wurmple evolution.

Version 1.0 Release
Version 1.4 Beta
Version 1.3 Beta
Version 1.2 Beta
Version 1.1 Beta
Version 1.0 Beta
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Wow, that looks amazing!

Seems to be exactly the kind of tool that someone like me would want. It allows to make some things easier (such as transferring items) yet it's not outright (boring) cheating à la 'let's just set the number of Master Balls to 99'. Gen 3 really is rather cumbersome in some regards, and it's nice to be able to do things a bit more quickly sometimes.

(To be honest, I am still not sure whether I would actually use it for things such as item transfer, but it already helps to know that the options exists. I have so many items spread on so many different games, and it would be nice to hoard them all on one game without copying them or using cheatcodes for unlimited supply etc.)

For example, I really like how changing a Pokémon’s ball consumes that ball (even though I would never use that feature myself as it is already too much cheating for me). It gives you more options but it simulates some game effort. Great idea! Also a big thumbs-up for the design. Things such as sprite switching show that you have paid great attention to detail.

And last but never least, it is always so good to see that there's still others out there who play and enjoy Gen 3 as much as I do, and who are willing to put an amazing amount of effort into making the Gen 3 experience more fun for themselves and others. :)

Amazing work; can't wait to see more updates in the future! :)

I know that you're working on Colosseum and XD at the moment. I’d love to get support for Box in any form, if possible. There's no save manager/editor whatsoever for Box, afaik, so I assume it must be rather complicated. I just think it'd be nice to be able to look through IVs on Box. Gen 3 makes it so hard to figure out IVs … sigh.
Thanks I really appreciate the feedback. :)

As for sprites just you wait. I'm gonna add an option to pick and choose between RSE and FRLG for each sprite that's different.

And as for Pokemon Box sadly that's not very likely to ever get working. The only reason I was able to read GameCube saves is because of the source code from PkmGCSaveEditor. Otherwise I never would have been able to read them. My best hope is Pokemon Box is encrypted or stored in a similar fashion to either Colosseum or XD. I will give it a shot in the future. As I've already gotten another request from somebody who has more real world Pokemon stored on numerous Pokemon Box saves than he knows what to do with.
I know that you're working on Colosseum and XD at the moment. I’d love to get support for Box in any form, if possible. There's no save manager/editor whatsoever for Box, afaik, so I assume it must be rather complicated. I just think it'd be nice to be able to look through IVs on Box. Gen 3 makes it so hard to figure out IVs … sigh.
Good news. I've figured out the Pokemon Box file structure and support is coming! I'm already able to read every Pokemon in the program.
This is a neat project. Looking forward to seeing it grow in functionality and stability.
Thanks. As for growing it's actually getting pretty close to exiting beta. After that I may implement smaller features and then take a long awaited break before eventually coming back to maybe do gen 2 then gen 1 support.
amazing tool, thanks for all the effort. Maybe some support to trade online? I read that you program can modified secret bases of emerald, thats true? can we add trainers to it?
Sorry for my bad english.
1) I really do want to do online support for trading etc but I have no experience programming with networking. The other issue is either you would have to port forward to the person you were trading with or I would have to get a server to host everything which I won't be able to do.

2) Yup. You can do anything you want to the trainers. :D
Feature for show faded images of the required Pokémon in living dex mode on Trigger´s PC does not work
for regular boxes
Only the unown show the faded images
Thanks in advance
Two other things.
1. Do you have plans to implement Move Tutors? I've love to be able to teach moves like Body Slam quickly and efficiently from the boxes, in addition to the TMs/HMs.
2. Could you make a feature to change box backgrounds in bulk?
Two other things.
1. Do you have plans to implement Move Tutors? I've love to be able to teach moves like Body Slam quickly and efficiently from the boxes, in addition to the TMs/HMs.
2. Could you make a feature to change box backgrounds in bulk?
Move Tutors is definitely on the Todo List. How it would work is it would ask which game you'd like to consume the tutor from or ask if you'd like to pay in Battle Points if it's applicable. I may require that your game has beaten a certain number of gyms or the elite four in order to use the move tutor feature for a specific game.

As for the second one that's a maybe. I'd need a good method for selecting multiple boxes at once and that may require making a new window for it. I could always modify the manage boxes window to work the same way however.

Also a final heads up is I'm not actually working on the tool right now. When I come back to it though I'll definitely look towards working on these. :)
This is a very interesting tool, I'm currently playing through the Gen 3 games at the moment and your tool sounds perfect for what I'm trying to do. I wish there's more external tools out there that support these instead of just give you tools to outright cheat your game.

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